The leica pocket book 2nd edition theo kisselbach. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. The leica pocket book 2nd edition theo kisselbachSince, however. fillers rcdum- um inlet-my fore anommodllc greater contrasts in llw ol' light. exposure must In» correspondingly object. A film with haul gradation cm- Ionger. (For details al‘ exposure “more phasise; contrasts and give; brilliant ren- we Filter Tulalr on page 98.) dilion of objects which lhcmwlvcs lad; large luminance ranges lml falsifies the C’MMiO” tonal values nl ohjerts which themselws The (one values of photographic subjects. lNlW‘ 8"!!! conlrlflt both in regard to light and to color. are very finely graded. The. nature of the The. gradation of u lilm is largely dcpcn» snhject and the. quality of the illumination dent on the diameter it is given during determine whether contrasts are. great. i.e.. manufacture lint it can be varied or in~ from glaring white to deepest hlauk as ifs flueneed by the nature and the length of often the case in hadslit exposures. or less development. lt is therel'nre enstomary to pronounced. as in the. ease of elond photo. speak of compensating development and by graphy. A film with normal gradation or this trrri we mean development processes grey scale rendering will. within certain nhieh enable ns tn use normal and hard limits. reprodnre the brightness values of gradation emnleions even under conditione- the object as they appear to the eye. A of greut brightness differences in the snbo soft gradation film minimise-s contrasts by jeet. In most

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The leica pocket book 2nd edition theo kisselbach

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