• Bolex h16 reflex cameras and lenses information manual
Bolex h16 reflex cameras and lenses information manual. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Bolex h16 reflex cameras and lenses information manualEvery frame counts lncraaaad accuracy This new device completes the equiment of the model H camera. It al- lows several features. such as the reverse gear and single frame release. to be utilised with absolute precision. The footage meter of the camera is now supplemented by the most ac- Curate of frame. counters. Frame counter it both adds and subtracts W'hether the camera is in forward gear or in reverse. this indispensable attachment registers every single frame in the film. Thus. from beginning to end of the film. and without the slightest risk of an error. the counter adds and subtracts” every frame that passes the lense. Each shot can be located Frame counter H otters every possible facility. locating every shot and scene along the whole length of the film. You can calculate the numbers of frames you want to turn back to effect multiple ex- posures. superimpositions. trick shots. etc., the exact location of frames left unexposed for subsequent titling. or which you desire to take later or at another place. your shots frame by frame. your animated drawings. etc.you uill be able to keep an accurate record of all successive operations and therefore know the exact location of every shot. Wherever it ls. you will always find it‘ Frame counter H indicates at any given moment the total number of frames exposed after the wunter has been set to zero. lhis return to zero is effected mtrolling the dials. No more splicing with Frame Counter l-l lt enables you to work with such precisiOn that cutting is reduced to a strict ninimum-provided. of course. you keep to the scenario you have worked out in advance. In this manner you can avoid a large number of splicings. since every scene in the film is located at the place reserved tor it. A film without splicings is of- course cheaper. strenger end a better iob altogether. Moreover. frame counter H makes it possible to remove s partly exposed film from the camera and to put it back again so that it will run on just from he last frame exposed (see instructions supplied with each frame counter H). N. B.- When buying a frame counter H please state whether

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Bolex h16 reflex cameras and lenses information manual

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