• Bolex h16 reflex camera frame counter instructions book
Bolex h16 reflex camera frame counter instructions book. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Bolex h16 reflex camera frame counter instructions bookBolex: a byword for quality Bolex products are manufactured with the utmost care and subjected to exhaustive tests. They therefore meet the most exacting standards of high precision and quality for which the name of Bolex is now world renowned. Alter-sales service Our international organization tries to otter impeccable after-sales service in practically every corner of the globe. You can entrust your Bolex equipment to a Palllard-Bolex distributor with complete confidence. In most cases. he employs qualified technicians. usually trained in our factories.Portable 16 mm equrpment to meet professronal requirements In response to many requests from film came- ramen and in order to increase the proteso sional scope of the H16 Retlex camera. a comprehensive system has been designed for filming long sequences with synchronized sound recording. An interchangeable 40olt magazine quadruples the camera capacity while an automatic electric clapslick incorpo- rated within the motor. ensures llawless sound and picture synchronization. The complete system comprises: the H16 Reflex-5 camera (equipped here with the Kern-Paillard Vario-Switar BSOE. 16-86 mm was lens) and the 400 ll magazine with its small MM take-up motor; the MST stabilized speed electric meter, equipped with the automatic electric clap- stick- the Bolex battery. rechargeable from the mains.

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Bolex h16 reflex camera frame counter instructions book

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