• Bolex h16 electric h hand grip instructions user manual
Bolex h16 electric h hand grip instructions user manual. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Bolex h16 electric h hand grip instructions user manualBOLEX 16 mm Pan-Cinor 85. 17-85 mm, f/2 Horizontal field angle (projector aperture): 32" = 568"/.... to by," - film... This SOM’Berthiot lens is particularly suited to movie cameras without reflex viewfinding. It incorporates its own reflex viewfinder with a com- pletely unique « coincident-image » rangefinding system. affording extremely easy and accurate focussing. The image seen in the viewfinder is always bright and clear. whatever the diaphragm opening used. Focussing range from 6’ to infinity. with close~up attachments from 6'8' to 2'6'. Geometric and photometric diaphragm apertures. Codes: Pan-Cinor 85 with rangefinding viewfinder PATEM Version without reflex viewfinder and rangefinder PATOS Pan-Cinor 85 with at C » mount and horizontal viewfinder for Auricon camera PATAU The same as above with Kodak mount PATOK Filters ASA series Vlll (gellow. neutral density. UN. and colour conversion) PADFI lose-up attachment for range 6'8' to 3’8' PADNA Close‘up attachment for range 3'8' to 2'6’ PADAN Carrying case for H16 camera fitted with Pan-Cinor 85 lens MALUX Pan-Cinor 85 tt Compact ». 17-85 mm, f/3.8 Horizontal field angle (proiector aperture): 32" - 56801“.to 6V,° = 11W... This new SOM-Berthiot lens. designed for the ma Reflex camera. incor- porates many advantages: compact dimensions (4’ long). light weight (12 ozs). distance scale from 3? to infinity - with close-up attachment down to 1'10‘ - filming from very close range with the oC Macro-Zoom attachment (minimum field 8 x 6 mm). range of focal lengths from 13.6 68 mm with « Hyper-Pan 0.8 x » optical attachment. Possibility to have permanently on the turret besides the Pan-Cinor 85 Compact » lens one or two fixed focal length lenses. P-J-.

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Bolex h16 electric h hand grip instructions user manual

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