• Beautyflex model d instructions for use reflex camera
Beautyflex model d instructions for use reflex camera. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Beautyflex model d instructions for use reflex cameraInstruction for Beautyflex Model D GENERAL FEATURES The BEAUTYFLEX Model D is a companion to the full line of superior twin-lens- reflex cameras manutcctured by one of Japan's leading camera manufacturers with many years' experience in designing and manufacturing this type of precision cameras. It makes 12 2';">*2};" exposures on No. l20 or "Brownie" size roll film, either black/white or in color. Both Taking lens Biolror and Viewing Lens Tri-Lauser are U 3.5, 8omm focal length, 3-element, hard coated and color corrected. The "Rectus-MX" Shutter has 5 blades and 9 speeds: 8. and l, 12, l/"S. 1,10. 1/25, 1,350, 1,100. 8. 1.3300 second. The Selftimer is built-in. The Shutter is cocked manually. Shutter release is buit into the body and is fitted cable release socket. Flash synchronization is Class M.F.X. with M.F.X. Adiusting lever. Focusing Hood Exposure Counter Window Film Winding Knob Depth-of-Field Scale Distance Scale focusing Knob Film Type Indicator ‘Sl'tutter Cocking Lever A Shutter Speed Scale Shutter Speed Setting Lever Shutter Release Button Eye-level Finder Front Flap Synchro-terminal Viewing Lens M.F.X. Adiusting lever t Aperture Scale Aperture Setting Lever M Set lever Taking Lens Bayonet Mount for lens Accessory Selftimer Neck Strap Eyelet Slot Accessory Shoe Film loading Spool Pull-out Knob Focusing Magnifier Rear Sight for Direct View-finder Eye-level Finder Front Flap Release Button Film Toke-up Spool Pull-out Knob Back Cover Locking Disc

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Beautyflex model d instructions for use reflex camera

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