• Arri lens support brackets arriflex 16 35mm technical
Arri lens support brackets arriflex 16 35mm technical. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Arri lens support brackets arriflex 16 35mm technicalARRI Lens Support Brackets for the Mirror Reflex Motion Picture Cameras Arriflex 16 and Arriflex 35 General The use of lenses of longer construction (Zoom lenses with large focal length ranges. heavy telephoto lenses. long telephoto lenses) or lenses of a special construction which makes them much heavier than normal lenses (ULTRASCOPE anamorphic lenses) place too much strain upon the turret. lens mount and tens adapter- The unsupported lens tends to droop. thereby causing partial unsharpness of the picture and resulting in permanent damage to the lens mounts and lens. For these reasons the use of a lens support bracket in these cases is an absolute must- The unit: camerai'lenss'support bracket can be screwed onto the centre of the tripod close to the optical centre of the lens. thereby allowing for good optical man- euverebility. At present two different lens support brackets are available. A two-piece lens support bracket with the appropriate camera platform can be used on both the ARFllFLEX 35 (Cat, No. 2200) and the ARRIFLEX 16 (Cat. No. 2204) for all of the required ARRIFLEX lenses listed including the 60omm Fern-Kilar. For the latter an extra long lens carriage is needed which is mounted permanently on the lens. For the ARHlFLEXSS a one-piece lens support bracket (Cat- No. 10000) is also available which is shorter than the two-piece one. Upon this a large number of lenses can be used with the exception of the 600 mm Fern-Kilar and similar long and heavy lenses. A lens support bracket of the same type for the ARRIFLEX 16 is in preparation.

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Arri lens support brackets arriflex 16 35mm technical

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