• Instructions leica m4-p camera manual leitz english
Instructions leica m4-p camera manual leitz english. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Instructions leica m4-p camera manual leitz englishYou are the owner of a LEICA® We hope that you will obtain as much enjoyment from it as all the many LEICA tans in every country of the globe. As a LEICA owner you have the benefit of a universal photographic system, which also covers the technical and scientific field. In its widest sense, it includes the well-known LEITZ enlargers and LEITZ miniature projectors. The proiected image, huge, luminous, and realistic, reveals the full beauty of your colour photographs, and never fails to fascinate you and your friends. May your LEICA be a constant source of pleasure to you. Yours sincerely ERNST LEITZ WETZLAR GMBHDescription of the LEICA M 4-P Fitting the carrying strap Howto holdthe LEICA The bright-line measuring viewfinder The field-of-view selector Therangefinder The rapid transport lever, release button, and shutter speed dial The depth-of-field scale The distance scale. The aperture scale Taking out the lens. Inserting the lens Flash synchronization Flashtable Inserting thefilm Removingthefilm Looking after your LEICA and its lenses

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Instructions leica m4-p camera manual leitz english

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