• Hasselblad 2000fc camera instruction manual 27 pages
Hasselblad 2000fc camera instruction manual 27 pages . Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Hasselblad 2000fc camera instruction manual 27 pagesMagazine release catch Folding crank for film advance and shutter cocking Magazine designation Film indicator Film winding crank Film plane marking Frame counter window Film advance indicator window Shutter cocking indicator window Strap lug Pre-release latch Mirror program settings Mirror program disc Shutter release button Cable release socket External bayonet accessory mount Internal bayonet accessory mount Exposure value scale Exposure value index (red) Button for cross-coupling of shutter and diaphragm Focusing ring Distance scale Depth-of-field scale Aperture ring with aperture scale Shutter speed ring with shutter speed scaleCatch for focusing hood and fine-focus magnifier Fine-focus magnifier Focusing hood Index for shutter speeds Index for aperture scale Index for distance scale Synchronization terminal for focal plane shutter Shutter speed prong Depth-of-field preview catch Fixed grip ring Projecting aperture grip Lens lock release button Lever for locking shutter speed ring Battery compartment with battery cassette Tripod plate and 3/33" tripod socket Accessory rail Strap lug Magazine support catches Roll holder key Film consumption indicator Magazine slide Focusing screen

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Hasselblad 2000fc camera instruction manual 27 pages

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