Zeiss integrating grain-size disk turret eyepiece instr. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Zeiss integrating grain-size disk turret eyepiece instrIntegrating and grain-size disks for turret eyepiece and projection screens Determining lengths. surface areas. and volumes1 Instructions for measurement 1.1 Calibration 1.2 Lengths 1.3 Surface areas 1.4 Volume and weight 2 Integrating and grain-size disks 2.1 Turret eyepiece 2.2 Projection screens 3 Definitions 3.1 Objects. weighting of points. units of length 3.2 Statistical definitions 3.3 Normal distribution 3.4 Check 3.5 Volumetric analysis 3.6 Systematic errors. correction 4 Length measurement 4.1 Grain-size disk V 4.2 Grain-size disk VI 4.3 Random lengths 4.4 Shape factors 4.5 Mean grain sizes 4.6 Diameter method. Snyder-Graff technique 4.7 Particle sizing 5 Determining specific surface areas 5.1 Principle of method 5.2 Test lines 5.3 Magnification and distribution 5.4 Weighting of test points 5.5 Computing surface areas 5.6 Measuring surface areas

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Zeiss integrating grain-size disk turret eyepiece instr

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