Arriflex 16bl mirror shutter film motion picture manual. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Arriflex 16bl mirror shutter film motion picture manualARRIFLEX 16 BL the Quiet 16 mm mirror-shutter professional motion picture camera for location synchronous sound filming The basic design Condensed description Film drive mechanism and film guides The mirror-reflex system ARRI professional exposure control system Handheld filming with the ARRIFLEX 16 BL Zoom lenses. matte box and filters Prime lenses Motor-driven zoom control 16 BL Universal lens housing Camera motor drives Tachometer and footage counter ARRIFLEX 16 BL The 400 ft (120 m) quick-change magazine The 1200 ft (360 m) double-compartment magazine Synchronous sound filming with the ARRlFLEX 16 BL Double-system sound, Pilotone system with automatic start-marking Precision motor control Classic double-system synchronous sound Single-system magnetic sound module 16 BL single-system sound Power supplies Carrying handle Tripods Shoulder pods with brace Carrying and storage cases. Leather carrying case

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Arriflex 16bl mirror shutter film motion picture manual

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