Contarex super electronic system instructions manual. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Contarex super electronic system instructions manualZEISS IKON VOIGTLA'NDERPage Contents 4 Summary of camera features 5 Camera controls on separate illustrated section 6 Setting the distance, aperture and depth of field 8 Shutter speed setting 8 Exposure measurement 10 Exposure measurement with special lenses 11 Exposure meter Its metering principle and special instructions 13 Principles of the electronic shutter control 14 Testing and changing the batteries 15 Shutter release 15 Filters 15 Self-timer 15 Flash exposures 16 Flash lenses 18 Close-ups 21 Changing the lens 23 Focusing screens 26 Data recording strips 27 Loading and unloading 29 Setting the film speed 31 Exposures with electronic accessories34 Time indicator 35 Motor drive 37 Special grip handle with remote control and power storage 40 Electronic control unit 45 Connection cables 46 Accessories 50 Care of the Contarex S electronic 50 World-wide guarantee All-metal die-cast body guarantees optimum technical precision and stability. Parallax-free reflex viewfinder providing bright, large and evenly illumin- ated lens field. Interchangeable focusing screens for various photo- graphic applications. Rangefinder coupled with lens setting. Exposure meter with through-the-Iens metering.

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Contarex super electronic system instructions manual

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