• Mamiya tlr model c3 professional camera brochure
Mamiya tlr model c3 professional camera brochure. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Mamiya tlr model c3 professional camera brochureThe only twin-lens reflex with lens interchangeability Crank wind for rapid shooting. MAMIYA C3 professional ln most twin-lens reflex cameras, the film is stretched across the filmgate in "L" form for maximum.compactness. This introduces the danger of impairing perfect flatness of the film. In the MAMIYA C series, the bend has been eliminated at some sacrifice in overall height to insure perfect flatness for precise register at all points of the film. This construction affords, in addition, the following advan- tages l. Loading and unloading of film is simplified 2. Loading and unloading can be done with camera moun- ted on tripod 3. The camera base can be strengthed to provide maxi- mum rigidity when mounted on a tripod, or used in conjunction with a flashgun. 4. Extreme Versatility and Fast Acflon For versatility and easy and fast Operation, the above- mentioned features are further augmented by crank winding and eye-level sighting. Fllmwlnd by Crank The MAMIYA C3 is provided with a smooth-acting crank for film advance at maximum speed and minimum efiort. Auto- matic filmstOp, of course, is provided, as is double exposure prevention, Over-ride of double exposure prevention is po5- sible if multiple exposure of a single frame of film is desired.

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Mamiya tlr model c3 professional camera brochure

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