• Mamiya c330 f professional camera instruction manual
Mamiya c330 f professional camera instruction manual. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Mamiya c330 f professional camera instruction manualMamiya C330f ProfessionalWe are highly gratified that you have selected the MAMIYA 0330 from among so many makes of cameras on the market. Before using the camera. please read these instruc- tions very carefully. and learn the correct method of han- dling it. By becoming completely familiarized with the MAMIYA 0330. you can make the most of the splendid op- portunities this fine camera offers for many years to come. This MAMIYA 0330. an exceptionally high-grade camera. was designed by emphasizing further improvements on the popular MAMlYA 0 series. Retaining the many features of the MAMIYA C series cameras which have won highest praise from professional photographers the world over as unique twin~lens reflex cameras (2 1/4 in. square format) with interchangeable lenses. especially stressed was minimiz- ing size and weight plus handling ease. Final results reveal that this MAMIYA 0330. an ideal camera for professional photographers. is also a wise choice for the many advanced amateurs who wish to take advantage of fine details in enlargements which only a large-format camera truly makes possibie. The MAMIYA C330 accepts all interchangeable lenses of the current Mamiya C series as well as all of the accessories except the single-exposure attachment. In addition. various new accessories have been designed for this model. With the wide selection of all these inter- changeable lenses and accessories. you can further widen your scope of photography by making the most of the unlimited versatility the MAMIYA 0330 offers.

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Mamiya c330 f professional camera instruction manual

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