• Hasselblad winder cw camera instruction manual
Hasselblad winder cw camera instruction manual. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Hasselblad winder cw camera instruction manualHASSELBLAD WinderCW1. Mode selection dial 7. Bayonet mount 13. Winder catch 2. Release button 8. Winder retaining slot 14, Remote control lead connecto 3. Mode selector 9. Camera interface plate 15. Wrist strap mounting screw: 4. Front IR sensor 10. Battery holder 16. Bear IR sensor 5. Camera release lever 11. Battery holder catch 17. Lower strap lug 6. Rewind coupling 12. Upper strap lug“asselmad Winder CW The Winder CW is a compact, ergonomically As the winder is set close to the camera body, designed unit providing not only a motor drive facil- produces stability and balance for optimum han ity but also a comfortable and robust grip for the held efficiency " the perfect requirement for vert 503cw and 503CXi cameras. cal 6 x 4.5 shots. There is no restriction created h the winder and all controls remain fully accessible It features srngle exposure. continuous exposure A removable strap offers extra security and i as well as multi-egposure modes. Remote control adjustable to suit personal requirements. rs achieved by a Simple electronic lead release or by the unique infrared transmitter - the Hasselblad Another special feature is the 31“ (Self AdiUSiih IR Remote Control. Both provide considerable free- Interface) WhiCh senses "Oi only whether the can dom, with the lR Remote Control offering an extra era is wound bUi also the unique mechanical Si? remote mode choice facility. Each winder receives tus Of each camera body. This unusual capabilil a specific code from the IR Remote Control so considerably reduces wear on the mechanics an there is no risk of controlling other cameras unin- a Winder CW can therefore be mounted on diffe tenlinnallv. ent camera bodies without risk.

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Hasselblad winder cw camera instruction manual

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