• Zenza bronica s2 film magazine 6x6 instructions only

Zenza bronica s2 film magazine 6x6 instructions only

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Zenza bronica s2 film magazine 6x6 instructions only . Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Zenza bronica s2 film magazine 6x6 instructions onlyTYPE (6 x Gem) I2EXPOSURES- I2oFilm 24EXPOSURES-22oFilm 6 X455 IGEXPOSURES- I20 Film 32EXPOSURES-22oFilmModel-$2 (12 “new 00120. 24 ”pm on 220 film) 0 Model-E (16 upon-rec «N20, 32 upon“ on 220040») The Bronica interchangeable lilm back magazines allow changing lilm types I in mid-roll. (e. g‘ color to B & W. tungsten to daylight. etc.) Preloading ot several lilm backs also allows continuous shooting ot several rolls of lilm without having to stop to reload. The Zenza Bronica lilm back magazines are automatic and in attaching a new lilm back no attention need be paid as to whethew or i not the lilm has preyiously been wound as the iilm-wind/shutter-advance system automatically adjusts itsell by the turn of the film winding crank. Also. the Bronica 82 lilm back magazine is specially designed to accept the 220 roll lilm. The 120 roll lilm provides 12-6X6 exposures. while the 220 provides 24 exposures. With the new Model-E lilm back you can get lG-GXA.5 exposures on the 120 film and 32-6X4.5 exposures on the 220 lilm. The new ModelE lilm back can be attached immediately to the Bronica camera without any special adjustments or adaptors.

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