• Bronica sq-ai polaroid land film back sq-i instructions

Bronica sq-ai polaroid land film back sq-i instructions

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Bronica sq-ai polaroid land film back sq-i instructions. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Bronica sq-ai polaroid land film back sq-i instructionsBRONICA SQ-AiThe Polaroid Land Pack Film Back SQ-i (hereinafter referred to as the Polaroid Film Back SQ-i) has been specially designed for exclusive use with the Zenza Bronica 80 single lens reflex camera and has been developed in coop- eration with the Polaroid Corporation. The film back greatly increases the range of interchangeability in film backs, in combination with Film Backs SQ-i for 120 and 220 mil films, which means that the user has even greater flexibility in photography with the Bronica SQ, as well as a means for previewing the light and exposure in an actual shot before using other roll films. Read Before Using the Polaroid Film Back SQ-i Please read through this manual carefully before actually taking any pictures with the Polaroid Film Back SQ-i. Practise the operations as instructed and/or illustrated in this manual, without actually using the pack film. Thoroughly familiarize yourself with the operations so that you can go through them without referring to the instruc- tions. Load the film back only after you are sure that you have got the simple Operating procedures down pat. It is recommended that you start with the black-and-white film first. Always read the instruction sheet packed with the film, as these instructions may often change, in keeping up with improvements which are made in the film.Nomenclature A. Preparations for picture-taking 1. Films for the Polaroid Film Back SQ-i 2. Eight hints for getting better pictures 3. Attaching the Polaroid Film Back SQ-i 4. Loadingthepackfilm 5. Ifnowhitetabsticksout 6. Filmspeeddial B. Picture-taking procedures and developingtheprint 1. Setting the correct exposure 2. Triangle (<1) mark on the Dark Slide 3. Developingtheprint 4. If yellow tab fails to appear upon pulling thewhitetab 5. Temperature is important C. Cleaningtherollers D. Possiblepicturefaults

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