• Arriflex 16srii sr2 instructions manual
Arriflex 16srii sr2 instructions manual. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Arriflex 16srii sr2 instructions manualIllustration guide 1 Focussing grip 2 Zoom lever 3 Screw thread for zoom lever 4 Driver rings for daphragm and focussmg 5 Rotating and pivoting viewfinder 6 Collar nut for lilting the viewfinder to the camera (this can only be carried out in an authorised ARRl Service Centre) 7 Collar nut for fitting the eyepiece 8 Eyelet for carrying strap 9 Lock ring for diopter adjustment 10 Diopter adjustment 11 Eyecup 12 Film counter. exposed film 13 Wind-up magazine cover 14 Lens index mark, white (focal length. focus) 15 Retension pin for light-weight support 16 Protecting collar 17 Flexicable With spring-loaded holder for connector plate 18 Universal handgrip cable wrth 4 pole plug and safety stirrup 19 Camera shoe for light-weight support and flexicable connector plate 20 Lens index mark. white (diaphragm) 21 Lens release button (left) 22 Rosette for fastening an additional left side handgrip 23 Setting for DlNlASA 24 Memory button (only cameras with burlt-in automatic exposure control) 25 Retaining lever 26 Camera release "start“ position 27 Camera release "measuring“ position 28 Camera release button 29 Camera release "0” position 30 Camera release ”test" position 31 Hinged knob for turning mirror shutter by hand 32 Hinged knob for locking magazine 33 Safety knob for magazine lock 1 Mounting lenses Working with the taking lens l Spring loaded diaphragm contrOl Automatic mirror shutter stop 1 Changing the 120 m l 400 it coaxial magazine Loading the magazine Film aperture cover Magazine loop protector i i Removing the exposed film from the magazine Counter for exposed titm Film supply indicator for raw stock The functions of the camera release on the housing The drive motor and its electrical control system. pilot tone and start marking The standard handgrip The universal handgrip The auxiliary handgrip The rotating & pivoting Viewfinder The viewfinder extension Operating the TI’L-Si exposure meter Fully automatic exposure control Changing the fibre optic viewing screen Light-weight support The bridge and support plate Matte boxes The camera power supply The 16 SR time coding Camera speed switch 24/25 fps or 50/60 Hz Pilot tone output Fuses Full irame start marking lamp Electrical accessories The ARRIFLEX Image Stabilizer Adaptation ot a video system EFC 16 SR digital counter Film plane indicator The asynchronous diode The time counter Service Breakdown help when the automatic diaphragm and shutter drive are defective 1 Technical Data ARRIFLEX 16 SR-HS ll

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Arriflex 16srii sr2 instructions manual

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