• Arriflex 16m 200-400ft magazine description maintenance
Arriflex 16m 200-400ft magazine description maintenance. Available to purchase for immediate download. Below is an extract from the manual converted to text for a quick impression on the content. Arriflex 16m 200-400ft magazine description maintenanceArriflex 163 Operating Instructions Fin Magazine (200 it) Magazine Cover Lock Latch for Magazine Lodr Canera Cover Lock Dioprter Adjustment Ring Eyepiew Retaining Ring Lodz for Diaper Adjustment Power Cable Look Override Button for Buckle Swim Canera ‘W' Switch Canera 'oFF' Swish Cover Lock Spring Magazine Opening Cover Tachometer Footage Counhr Frane Counter Power Connector Viewfinder Cover Door Aooesory Shoe Focusing Lever Contact l-land Grip Re-Set for Footage Couler Re-Set for Frame Counter Motor Lodi Lava Variable Speed Motor Rheostat To Control Camera Speed Inching Knob Eyelet tor Carrying 3m Knurled Dis. Camera Tate-Up Looking Levers tor Torque Motor Tame Motor Knurled Disc. Magazine Take-Up Fin Suppty Counts Forwarleeverae Swim tor Taupe Motor Knurled Disc. Magaz'ne 31.le Knurled Disc, Camera Supply Lens Tunet Lens m Lever Pier Stage. Rotating Fler Stage. Stationary Matte Slot Mate Box

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Arriflex 16m 200-400ft magazine description maintenance

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