This vintage canon 1:0.95 rangefinder 50mm prime camera lens has excellent optical glass and coatings. Free of blemishes other than minor wear visible in the images attached. All mechanical functions perform as they should. This lens has been converted to fit Leica M cameras. Calibrated for both digital and film camera bodies. So the lens fits straight onto your Leica M camera body. With adapters this lens can be used on other digital SLR or mirrorless bodies. Such as the Nikon Z would produce incredible results and ease of use. The accessories visible in the images will be included in the sale. If you enjoy the soft look and extreme Bokeh, then this lens delivers when shot wide open. Stopping it down it renters crisp sharp contrasty images. Front and rear lens caps included. Filter size is 72mm. This lens serial number is: 19173

The Canon 0.95 f50mm Dream Lens is an iconic lens known for its unique characteristics and exceptional image quality. Originally designed for the Canon 7 rangefinder camera, the Dream Lens has since gained a cult following among photographers and collectors alike. In recent years, there has been a growing trend of converting the Dream Lens to work with Leica M cameras, and in this article, we will explore the process and benefits of this conversion.

The Canon 0.95 f50mm Dream Lens was first introduced in the 1960s and was designed to provide a fast aperture for low-light photography. The lens quickly gained a reputation for its unique bokeh and the ability to create dreamy, ethereal images. However, the lens was designed for the Canon 7 rangefinder camera, and as such, it was not compatible with Leica M cameras without modifications.

The conversion process involves adapting the Dream Lens to fit the Leica M mount. This can be done by machining a custom adapter or by using an existing adapter and modifying it to fit the Dream Lens. Once the conversion is complete, the lens can be used on any Leica M camera, including film and digital models.

The benefits of converting the Dream Lens to Leica M mount are numerous. Firstly, it allows photographers to use the Dream Lens with a wider range of cameras, which opens up new creative possibilities. Additionally, Leica M cameras have a reputation for their high-quality build and optics, which complements the Dream Lens’ own exceptional image quality.

Another advantage of using the Dream Lens on a Leica M camera is that it allows for more precise focusing. Leica M cameras use a rangefinder focusing system, which allows for accurate and fast manual focusing. This is especially useful when using the Dream Lens, as the wide aperture can make it difficult to achieve sharp focus.

One thing to keep in mind when converting the Dream Lens to Leica M mount is that the lens is heavy and large. This can make it difficult to balance on smaller Leica M bodies, and it may be necessary to use a support bracket or tripod to stabilize the lens.

In conclusion, converting the Canon 0.95 f50mm Dream Lens to Leica M mount is a popular and worthwhile modification for photographers looking to expand their creative possibilities. The conversion process requires some technical expertise, but the end result is a lens that delivers exceptional image quality and unique bokeh on a wider range of cameras. If you’re a fan of the Dream Lens and own a Leica M camera, it’s definitely worth considering a conversion.

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Leica M Canon 0.95/50mm fast f/0.95 dream lens 1:0,95 BOKEH rare

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