Hasselblad 40th Anniversary 203FE Apollo 11 Limited Edition Buzz Aldrin camera

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So the CEO of the time at Hasselblad created two 40th Anniversary Hasselblad 203FE Apollo 11 “Limited Edition” camera outfits.

He kept one for himself, and the other was given to Buzz Aldrin. So what you see for sale is the second camera that belonged to the CEO of Hasselblad. Only two units ever produced, and the other belongs to Dr. Buzz Aldrin.

They consisted of (at the time) the biggest and the best available. The 203FE body with a metered Blue line matching prism finder and 6x6 film back. The lens is the Zeiss Distagon CFE IF 4/40mm. The two cameras were modified to accept a digital back. And the piece de resistance is the CV-39 digital back with the Apollo 11 emblem. All in MINT condition. This camera was barely used, if ever. The digital back still has the plastic screen protector. 

The original letter of authentication is signed by the CEO and will be provided to the new owner. It states the following.

12 September 2019

Dear Hasselblad Fan

Upon the 40th anniversary year of the Apollo moon landing, Hasselblad held a commemorative event at Cape Canaveral.

It was held under a 2,970,000 kilogram Saturn Rocket, the same as that which powered the Apollo mission.

Our guest of honour was Buzz Aldrin who together with Neil Armstrong were the first men to step on the moon.

In honour of Buzz, we made a special Apollo camera for presentation to Buzz.

I had a second one made for me personally as the Chairman and CEO of Hasselblad.

There were only 2 of these very special cameras produced.

Mine was 203 body #18EC10951 and the CFV back #3ESE10810.

It was very interesting to find that Buzz still remembered how to take perfect pictures after 40 years!

This letter is to certify its authenticity.

Dr .         Retired Chairman and CEO of Hasselblad A.B. Retired CEO of Carl Zeiss, Asia Pacific



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